4 Office Clock in Rosewood

#4 Office Rosewood with 30 day welch movement.

This office clock is a very nice example of an all original model. Both movements have been removed and taken apart. The upper is a E.N. Welch 30 day timepiece, bushings installed where needed, two new 30 day german springs installed, pivots polished and trued. The bottom calendar unit was taken apart, cleaned, parts replaced if needed. Installed two new day and month strips. It has been running for about 1 month at this time with no problems. It comes with 2 year in shop warranty. telephone or facetime help.

$1500.00 plus shipping and insurance. N.Y. state residents must add sales tax.

#3-1/2 Parlor with white dial and strips

Here is a parlor which is a bit different. Most came with the black and silver dials but this one had white. The very first one that were made were white, or could be ordered at anytime. This dial has some staining on the right side, and a crack in the case under the dial.

The clock has been completely refurbished, both movements removed the upper taken apart, pivots polished and trued, bushings installed and two new german 8 day springs. The calendar movement is stock except I added a correction bar on the calendar as the early one’s did not have this improvement until later in the year of 1874. Clock has been running fine for over a month now.

$2500.00 Plus shipping and insurance. N.Y. State residents must pay sales tax.