We purchased a 1880’s Ithaca Calendar Library clock from Mike. When we looked at it in his shop it was a bit rough but when we received it we were so surprised at how good it looked and the inside movements looked like new.  It has been running in our home for almost a year now without a hitch. We are always amazed at how the clock knows to go from the 30th of the month to 1st of the next. Even in February it went from the 28th to the 1st of March.
We love our clock and it was a pleasure dealing with Mike.

– Don and June Crispell

I had been looking at several Ithaca clocks online, mostly on e-bay and was going to buy one, but then realized that after I got it I would have to take it somewhere to get it fixed. In the process of looking for someone to repair this I ran across The Ithaca Calendar Clock company and contacted them about the repair process.  After talking to Mike I realized that it would be cheaper to just purchase the same model clock I was looking at from him already refurbished.  When I received my office clock it had a problem from shipping. I contacted Mike and he walked me through the fix over the phone, and the clock runs fantastic.

– Dave Strong

We had taken our Ithaca clock to several clock repair shops in our area and every time we got it back the clock would never work right for very long. The calendar never would work for more that a day or two. We searched online and found the Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. was still in business and we ended up sending the clock to them. It a several months as they are backlogged on repairs but when we got the clock back, we put it back on the wall and it has been running like new since.  Thanks Mike.

– Dave and Carrol Drake

I purchased a Ithaca clock from e-bay and took it to mike and was told that the calendar unit was a bad reproduction , the pendulum was wrong, the dials had been replaced and weren’t the right ones for the year of manufacture. It was missing case parts. To put it in shape with a good working calendar would have cost us more than what we paid for the clock and we still would not have had an all original model. Mike took it in as a trade and we bought the same model from him with all original parts , reconditioned for less than trying to repair the e-bay model.  When we bought the e-bay model we did not realize that Mike had so many originals for sale, we thought he only repaired.

Jim Livingston, Lake Placid  NY