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Ithaca Clocks For Sale

We have in stock a fair quantity of original Ithaca calendar clocks for sale. Each clock will be completely reconditioned and carries a full 2 year in shop guarantee. We will always reveal any new parts that have been installed in order to bring it back to its original like condition. See our “Reconditioned Clocks for Sale” page.

We produce new calendar movements for those original clocks that are missing theirs.Our calendar units are an exact reproduction of the originals.

Small calendar unit price: $325.00            4                  


Our large unit is the same as the small except they are for clocks with 11 inch dials.

Price: $395.00


Life and death of the ithaca calendar clock co. I had this book reprinted from the original material located at the nawcc headquarters. These are not copies but new reprints.

Price: $35.00


Reprints of the 1880 catalog

Price: $20.00