New CLocks

We have been manufacturing new Ithaca calendar clocks for close to thirty years now. At this time we only custom make them to order. The last new run of clocks we did was the “0” Bank model. We produced 15 of them half in walnut and half in cherry. They are a magnificent 61Img28 inch tall wall clock. All clocks are produced using solid hardwoods. No veneers are used except for the burl on the inlaid sides of the clocks. They utilize a kieninger two weight time and strike movement. Each weight weighs over 7 lbs. Each. The dials are galvanized steel painted and then silk screened with the appropriate dial. The perpetual calendar movement produced in-house automatically will change from the last day of the month to the first of the next month. In leap year it will go from the 29th to the first around midnight.There are no other perpetual calendar clocks being manufactured today.Each clock is hand assembled, dated Img30and signed. This clock is truly a unique product that few people will have a chance to own. We only have a few left of each wood